About Us

  • Promote & preserve military services & bases in Missouri
  • Support the success of defense-related businesses
  • Fulfill the mission of Military Preparedness Commission (MMPEC) as its executive director
  • Devise a long-term plan for military sustainability
  • The Military Advocate position is nominated by the Governor to a 6 year term in office, with the advice and consent of the Missouri Senate.  The position reports directly to the Director of the Department of Economic Development, and is placed in the DED for purposes of appropriation, accounting and staffing. The Military Advocate’s current term ends in April 2022.
  • MMPEC has charged the Military Advocate with additional responsibilities of :
    • Providing staff support to MMPEC, coordination across state government on all military and defense-related issues
    • Continuous oversight of consultants that focus primarily on working with the Pentagon and Congress on military and defense issues of interest to Missouri.  The current consultants are Kit Bond Strategies (KBS) and Baker Donelson (BD).
    • Provide a single point of contact in state government for military and defense leaders and with local stakeholders