About Us

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The Office of Military Advocate leads Missouri’s efforts to coordinate state and local actions to preserve and expand Missouri’s military installations and agencies, improve the quality of life and opportunities for Service members and their families, and to enhance the state’s defense industries. The Military Advocate serves as the liaison between state and federal branches of government and provides enhanced communication to Missouri government leaders and installation communities.  The Military Advocate serves as the Executive Director of the Missouri Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission (MMPEC) and serves as an ex-officio member of MMPEC in the absence of the Director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

The Military Advocate serves a 6 year term in office, upon nomination by the Governor and with the advice and consent of the Missouri Senate.   The Military Advocate’s current term ends in April 2022.

The Military Advocate is charged with providing staff support to MMPEC and coordination across state government on all military and defense-related issues. Among the Office of Military Advocate's responsibilities are:

  • Providing continuous oversight of state consultants that focus on the Pentagon and Congress, including the carrying out of state strategies to support Missouri's installations, defense agencies, and defense businesses;
  • Serving as a single point of contact in state government for military and defense leaders and with local stakeholders;
  • Providing information to communities, the general assembly, the state's congressional delegation, and state agencies regarding federal actions affecting military installations and missions;
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for Defense economic adjustment and transition information and activities.